Best Sustainable and Locally Made Face Masks

Best Sustainable and Locally Made Face Masks

Masks have become the staple fashion statement of 2020, and Ushi Mart wants you to get masks that show your personality and are locally made. Masks not just help protect you and others from COVID-19, but they also help keep your face warm from our cold Canadian winters. Brr. 

Why not get a mask that is carefully and locally made in Ontario to ensure you’re staying safe, warm, and fashionable?  

We’ve been following some amazing designers who are creating masks that help protect but are also fun and stylish to wear. 

Here are some of our favourites:

Face Masks from Kaela Kay

Want to help support Black owned fashion? Then check out Toronto designer Catherine from Kaela Kay who has created a whole line of fashionable reusable cotton masks for the whole family with a pan-African flair. They are 100% cotton and feature strings that tie in the back for a controlled snug fit. They also include a pocket to insert a filter if you want one. 

Her face mask designs include fashionable new elements you’d never see on a disposable face mask. For example, she’s got one that features a stunning mesh overlay and gold strip details.  Her adult masks are one-size-fits-all but does carry smaller kids sizes for boys and girls

Catherine proudly uses Canadian-based seamstresses for all her products, including the masks. She also has several that match or coordinates with her bright and stylish head wrap collection.

Check out the Kaela Kay face mask collection.


Face Masks from Greta Constantine

Mask up in high fashion! Kirk and Stephen at Greta Constantine of Toronto are creating chic masks that are unique in design and comfortable to wear. They feature ruffled patterns, many that match the garments in their fashion collections. They’ve posted several of their new designs on the Greta Constantine Instagram account.

They’ve even designed their masks to solve the problem of face sweat behind your mask. Their masks are made from moisture-wicking material to help minimize a sweaty face while wearing your mask, making them even more comfortable to wear and eliminating pesky mascne. 

You can purchase Greta Constantine face masks in over 40 stores across 15 countries including Hudson’s Bay, Nordstrom, and both Moda Operandi and Farfetch online.


Face Masks from Hamiltonian Cats

If you’re cool for cats, you’ll love this local favourite. Hamiltonian Cats creates handmade and totally unique cat patches, shirts, accessories, and you guessed it, masks. All featuring their adorable cat mascot based on his own adorable tabby. Hamiltonian Cats will be featured at our upcoming Winter Holiday Market coming up soon from November 28 - December 28. Get the purrfect holiday mask from them there. 

Order your Hamiltonian Face masks here


Face Masks from Monster Face Culture

Monster Face Culture is another local Hamilton business that will be at our Winter Holiday Market. Looking for a little edge to your street fashion? Then look no further than these wickedly fun masks. They come in bright fabrics, skull, and psychedelic designs. Perfect for keeping cute and edgy even when you’re wearing a mask. 

Browse the Monster Face Culture masks today. 


Face Masks from Ushi Mart

When the pandemic first hit, we knew we had to act fast. We created our own line of Ushi Mart face masks right away. Made with 100% sustainable materials and all handmade, our face masks are one-of-a-kind and fashion forward. You can get masks that have a custom word you want of up to twelve characters on it. We even have a bandana mask for people with beards who want their beard looking covered and not cut off. 

Check out our face masks here

The proper way to wear your mask

There are ways to help increase the effectiveness of wearing non-medical masks including: 

  • washing your hand before putting on and taking off your mask

  • ensuring it fits snugly over your nose and under your chin and fits snugly around your face so you can still breathe easily.

  • avoid wearing your mask around your neck or forehead when not in use. 

  • do your best to avoid repositioning or touching your mask and face (if you do wash your hand before doing so)

  • when removing, touch only the strings or ear loops and fold the corners together. 

  • throw used masks into the washing machine as soon as possible and wash your hands again after removing. 

Purchase locally-made masks

At Ushi Mart we believe in supporting local and sustainable. While you can buy mass-produced face masks in bulk or disposable masks online from nearly every major retailer, you’re not directly supporting local communities or the environment. 

This year to help our small businesses we are hosting the Ushi Winter Holiday Market from November 28 - December 28. As we mentioned before, Hamiltonian Cats, Monster Face Culture, and Ushi will be at the market including other fabulous and local small businesses of Hamilton. Our space will be decked out to the max with holiday decorations and ornaments to keep the spirit of the holidays alive. COVID-19 safety and protocol to be followed. Appointments of maximum five guests for an hour booked on our square app. $5 to enter with all proceeds going to Wesley Urban Ministries. Book in your time here to help support our local creatives

We’re excited to feature many local, sustainable, and handmade face masks for everyday use and for the upcoming holiday season. Check out our site to see who we’re featuring next and order your masks well in advance of the holiday so you can use them all season long.

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